About Momentum

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Hi! I’m Alison: movement expert and physiotherapist, born and bred Sussex gal!

My treatment philosophy involves providing you with an understanding of your injury and an honest approach to getting it better. My treatments often include hands on treatment, exercise prescription, movement impairment changes, and a treatment plan. This treatment plan is designed around your needs. I value my patients’; time and do not believe in leaving you in a room to do your own treatment. I believe that physiotherapy should be fun, friendly and an enjoyable experience.

I have been a practicing physiotherapist for 21 years, graduating from Dalhousie University School of Physiotherapy. After completing my physiotherapy degree, I finished my Bachelor of Physical Education in Sport Science to further my education in Sports Rehabilitation. I continue to take advanced postgraduate courses to remain current with the most up to date, evidence-based assessment and treatment techniques in physiotherapy.
Some of the many areas of continuing education include running injuries, forefoot running training, advanced movement impairment treatments, sport-specific movement analysis, muscle imbalances, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, pre and post pregnancy physiotherapy and back pain management.

Growing up in a Sussex, this gave me the opportunity to play many different sports at different competitive levels. I have many years of experience in coaching athletes and being an athletic trainer for sports teams both at the provincial and university levels. I enjoy working with all athletes and look forward to helping them with their specific sport injuries.

I enjoy trying new activities and have a passion for learning. I believe this is why I maintain a fit and healthy life. Through the years, my sporting activities have included figure skating, university field hockey, swimming, soccer, university rugby, running, golf, curling and downhill skiing. As an athlete myself, I realize how gruelling training and competing can be on the body. I feel this has made me a better physiotherapist as I can relate to the athlete at their level.