Insurance & Payment Options


Direct Billing to insurance companies is convenient, immediate, and many several insurance such as Blue Cross and Sunlife are on board. Other companies are slowly adopting electronic direct billing, so check first to see how your coverage works. Also be aware if your policy requires a doctor’s referral to bill for services (most companies do not require this step, but some still do.)


If your Extended Health Insurance does not allow direct billing we can still help to prepare the documentation and forms needed to be reimbursed. We can send insurance claims on your behalf to your insurance carrier, and the carrier will reimburse the plan member for services rendered. To facilitate this, each visit/service would have to be paid on an ongoing basis. The reimbursement of the services will depend on your specific coverage for the services rendered.


For those that do not have any insurance coverage or choose to pay for services and submit their own claims we accept the following forms of payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Debit
  • Cash


We will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, and will help you to submit the correct documentation to your insurance company. No matter the type, fault, or situation preceding your motor vehicle accident, you are eligible for rehab treatments covered by your insurance company.


We also accept WSNB claims as long as you have a valid and approved claim number. The claim number is provided by your employer/workplace and services can be directly billed to WSNB on your behalf. We will require the date of the accident, contact name of your employer, and contact information for your insurance adjuster. Please note that WSNB will only cover the injury sustained at work and not any pre-existing injuries.